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History of Gamma Sigma Alumni Association

643 Maxwelton Court 2009

Beginning with Edward Appleton in 1951, Gamma Sigma Chapter initiated over 400 fraters into the bond of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) before becoming inactive in 1990. All of us remember the joys and disappointments, successes and failures, and highs and lows of our college experiences, and especially the support of the guys in the fraternity house. Memories of the brotherhood at the University of Kentucky continued to be kept alive by individual fraters communicating over the decades.

In 2005, several fraters decided to find old friends from their days at the University of Kentucky. In August, they brought together around fifty of that old brotherhood who had dwelt at Maxwelton Court, Hilltop Avenue, and the other TEKE houses in Lexington. The reunion and the resulting enthusiasm, both among those present at the meeting and those who learned of it, convinced a working group that there is sufficient energy to recommend the formation of a permanent association.  A meeting of fraters at Homecoming 2006 organized the Gamma Sigma Alumni Association. It has hosted several social events each year, including the "Big Event" in 2009 and all subsequent homecomings. Events are scheduled for each Spring, Summer and Fall, including a history road trip, followed by Homecoming and Keeneland, and the annual membership meeting.

Our base is Homewood Suites on Ruccio Way. The annual meeting is held at Homecoming to elect the Board of Directors. The Board has one scheduled meeting and others at the call of the President. Both the annual and board meetings are open to all Fraters. Copies of the minutes will be sent upon request.

643 Maxwelton Court 1959

About the website: TKEAlumniKentucky.org is the spiritual descendent of a site originally developed by Bing and Percilla Ewen, who contributed much of the energy that Fraters see in the present version. Many thanks to these old friends.

The e-mail network: The alumni association maintains an e-mail list for immediate and detailed news. To be included, "contact us."