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Use this page for comments other than requests for information about lost fraters and inquiries about the the association. Send those questions to the Inquiries section. Please include your name and your pin number or year of initiation.

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[posted 31 Aug]

Dear Fraters; 

   First, we all owe a great big THANKS and at least one cold Two keys draft beer to Mobs for the web site. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Bing and Percilla Ewen, the original creators of the Gamma Sigma website. 

Next, we need a big attendance at the annual meeting during Homecoming weekend this year.  If we want this organization to succeed and continue into the future we need additional members with fresh ideas. So please y’all come at least to the annual meeting even if you cannot make it to the football festivities.

Ted B. Herbert


[posted 21 Feb]

Fraters - Take a peek at here for some interesting chat about recolonizations at UK.
Gamma Sigma 127


[posted 20 Feb]


Great Job, The web page looks really great.  I'm very impressed with your web creation skills.  Thanks for stepping forward and getting this done.
Frog (John Lawson)

Gamma Sigma 202

[posted 19 Feb]

Hey Mobes! 

Thanks for doing this website business, you’re doing a fine job, it really does work well.  As Dave True said, it’s easy to navigate, straight forward, and all of that good stuff!

* * * * *

Well, thanks again the site looks great!  You’re a man of many talents ya “Old Cockroach”!
Lee/Wally/OBS – GS 240

[editor's note: Lee is our e-mail czar. Contact us to be added to the network]