Mid-Winter Gathering


Fraters - Mid-Winter gathering.

Mark your calendar for Saturday February 1 , 2020. Gamma Sigma Alumni will meet at 11.00 am for conversation, catch up,and stories to share. Fraters will meet at Cheddar* s Restaurant 3620 Walden Drive Lexington, Ky. This restaurant faces Tatescreek Road just beyond the stop light for Armstrong Mill and Redding Road.At 1;00 pm that day, the Board of Directors will meet at Tatescreek Branch of Lexington Public Library . We meet in the small conference room near the main entrance. The Library Branch enters off Walden Drive about three lots south of Cheddar*s.If the Library is closed February 1, our two meetings will reschedule. See YOU there .


Homecoming 2019

 We could not have guessed how successful and satisfying Homecoming 2019 would be. In addition to the Keeneland Friday races, a successful annual meeting, and an unexpected win over Arkansas, the Association hosted a dinner for TKE's new colony at the University of Kentucky, actives and pledges ( yes, pledges already). Thanks to Debbie Wagner for the photo of the joint gathering of Fraters, old and new. Frater John Wagner has permitted us to share a portion of his memories:

"I am so very thankful that I was able to celebrate my 50th Year Graduation at UK with my brothers and friends. Such a special time to see and share were we are and the wonderful pass memories as TKE’s at Gamma Sigma and UK. This year was so wonderful and special because we were able to share a dream we have waited for over 30 Years, seeing the future of TKE Gamma Sigma Colony. It was the right time and place at Homewood Suites' main room, to enjoy a great meal, including Judy's cherry cobbler. Many thanks to Bob, Dave, Bing and all fraters who were able to attend. The best part was meeting, talking and sharing our past and hearing there dreams and challenges to form the New TKE Gamma Sigma Chapter. What was so special is they wanted to stay, talk and how much we want to welcome them into our Fraternity. I was impressed with their manners, appearance, intelligence and their pride being Gamma Sigma TKE ‘s. It was with great pleasure that we welcomed the new Gamma Sigma TKE's, we asked how we can help them and requested a wish list and emails letting us know their status and activities. If you would like to support the new TKE Gamma Sigma Colony, donations can be made to TKE Gamma Sigma Alumni Association or to the National TKE, for the Gamma Sigma Colony. A special thanks to all who were able to attend this year's Home Coming and how very proud we are of the new Gamma Sigma, TKE's."