Friday April 5th at 7:30 pm the new TKE colony members will be initiated , The initiation will take place in the Presidents room of the Singletary Center for Fine Arts building. Northern Kentucky Tekes to help with initiation. All initiated TKE fraters are invited to attend.

Saturday April 6th at !2;00 noon until 2:00 pm the new colony members invite all Gamma Sigma and area alumni to stop by 

Pazzo's Pizza Pub for a meet and greet.

Please join us at both events to provide support to the new chapter. This is the rebirth of a chapter we have wanted for over 30 years.



Alumni Association Chartered by the International Fraternity  

Ten years after its founding as an in dependant group of Fraters in Lexington, Gamma Sigma Alumni Association is one of two alumni associations to be chartered by the International fraternity in 2017.The announcement:

"Since the beginning of 2017, Tau Kappa Epsilon has established two new Alumni Associations. With the chartering of the Epsilon-Kappa (Loyola University Chicago) and Gamma-Sigma (University of Kentucky) Alumni Associations, the Fraternity now has 106 active Alumni Associations across TKE Nation. 

'I believe that every TKE chapter should have a team of alumni working to support an active collegiate group and to share events and news that is pertinent to their alumni. Every time we add another Alumni Association to the official TKE roster there is much excitement, but I will not rest until we achieve an active association for each chapter,' Todd Farmer, Senior Director of Alumni Engagement said."